25.09.2014 FiiO RC-UE1 FiiO RC-UE1
25.09.2014 FIIO X1 Компания FIIO анонсировала выпуск FIIO X1. FIIO X1 - третий плеер в линейке бюджетных плееров компании.
09.06.2014 HS7 жесткий чехол для X5 HS7 жесткий чехол для X5
05.06.2014 HS9 кожаный чехол для X5 HS9 кожаный чехол для X5
22.03.2014 Fiio X5 Hi-End портаивный плеер Fiio X5 портативный плеер
Плееры Склад

HD плеер X1, 120

HD плеер X5, 398  +
HD плеер X3, 160  +
а1 A1 стационарный усилитель мощности, 170  -
E12 портативны усилиетль, 145  +
  E17  Усилитель для наушников, 150,

Fiio E11

E11  Усилитель для наушников, 78  +
Fiio E7 E9 E9 + E7 Ккомплект, 234  +
E9 Стационарный усилитель для наушников, 137  +
Fiio E9i + Iphone E9i Стационарный усилитель для наушников + i-Doc, 137  +
E7 Headphone Amplifier   E7 Усилитель для наушников, 95  +
 е6 E6 Усилитель для наушников, 32  +
е5 E05 NEW Усилитель для наушников, 29  +

E3 Усилитель для наушников, 14  -
fiio e02i rocky E02i ROCKY
гарнитура для iphone/pod
Black/silver, 33
E1  Усилитель для наушников под iPod/iPhone, 24  +

G01 гитарный
, 50

Fiio D3 D5 ЦАП USB в коаксиал и RCA (новинка), 60  +
Fiio D3 D3 ЦАП оптика или коаксиал то RCA, 65  +
 е10 E10 ЦАП из USB в S/P-DIF и line out + усилитель для наушиников, 86  +
Fiio S1 S1 Портативная, перезарежаемая АС , 35  +

Fiio S5K

S5K  MP3/FM аудио система, 75  -


N3 NoteBook Speakers, 35  -


S3 Колонки кард-ридер, 40  +



Line out cable


L1 кабель линейного выхода для iPod/iPhone, 6
L2 кабель линейного выхода 3.5 мм minijack, 7 +
 Line out cable  L3 кабель линейного выхода iPod/iPhone, 10 +
Line out cable L5 кабель линейного выхода Sony, 10 +
Line out cable for Sansa
L6 кабель линейного выхода Sansa
, 10
 Fiio L7 L7 кабель линейного выхода, 8 +
 L8 L8 кабель линейного выхода, 7 +
 Fiio L9 L9 кабель линейного выхода, 12 +
 L30 L10 кабель линейного выхода для Ipod, 18 +
Fiio L11 L11 коннектор линейного выхода для Iphone, 10 +
 RCEU - recable RC-UE1 сменный кабель для Ultimate Ears, 42 +
 L30 L50 кабель линейного выхода Iphone Ipad, 20 +
  LU1 переходник для смартфона, 8  +
  LU2 переходник для смартфона, 8  +
 x-case X-Protector, 55


Fiio X5 Hi-End портаивный плеер

Цена в USD398
Наличие на складеесть

Dual-core CPU

X5 utilizes the Ingenics 4760B dual-core 600MHz CPU.
With its formidable processing power, the X5 supports
all six major lossless music formats.
The X5 supports DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, WAV
lossless music formats . This is the most complete set
of supported formats to date among Hi-Fi DAPs.
With the X5, music lovers need notworry about lack of
format supportor format conversion.
The X5 even decodes Apple’s proprietary ALAC format


Dual purpose

The X5 serves not only as a DAP, but also as a USB DAC
when connected to a computer,
thus satisfying your music needs in and out of the house.

Asynchronous USB DAC function

Supports 192K/24B


power supply

Using a quad balanced power supply
the X5 achieves bipolar output without using


Dual TF card slots

Supports up to 256GB (128GB×2),
will support for 512GB, 1024GB, etc. with future firmware upgrades

discrete architecture

Utilizing flagship op-amps from major manufacturers discretely for DAC, preamp and amp duties.
TI's top-flight PCM1792A as DAC, with THD<0.000015%
4 OPA1612 used for current / voltage conversion and amplification
2 LMH6643 used for headphone output
(X3 and X5 configuration comparison)

10 bands graphic EQ
for fine-tuning freedom

Users can adjust the X5’s equalizer according to their preferences,
tailoring the X5’s sound output to different headphones and music genres to produce their ideal sound.

All new user-friendly UI

2.4” IPS color LCD
All-new mechanical scroll wheel (using Alps rotary switch components from Japan)
All-new custom UI forged from years of experience and feedback
All-mechanical interface can be operated out of eyesight
Shortcuts key allows fast access to essential options
Quick access to songs, batch addition of songs to Favorites collection


Full set of ports
for class-leading connectivity

The X5 comes with three output ports: headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output.
Apart from connecting directly to headphones, you can also connect it to other DACs and amps.
















Appearance and connectors displaying

Size and weight
Thickness:15.6 mm
2.4 inch colorized
260,000 colors
HD IPS screen with
resolution 400x360


Senior Air CNC aluminum unibody enclosure
plastic shell, button trim panel with drawing
aluminium alloy, button with metal CD grain
Power supply
and battery

Port: Micro USB
Power source: PC USB port, USB power supply or mobile power charger
Battery capacity: 3700mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery

Expansion memory
         Dual TF card(Micro SD card),
         Support 256GB (128GB
×2) Max.
Micro USB
data port/ charging port/
USB OTG port

Headphone jack
3.5mm headphone jack
Line output
3.5mm jack
Digital audio output
3.5mm coaxial output
charging indicator
Double indicator, red light means charging ,
green light means fully-charged. Screen is with battery gauge indicator function

Music formats supported by X5

Supports up to 192k/24b for fast compression
Supports up to 96k/24b for normal and high level compression
Not supporting Extra High and Insane compression..
All support to 192K/24B
for compression levels from 1-8.
Support 192K/24B
ALAC is lossless music compressed format for Apple.
Support 192k/24B
Support to 96K/24B
of WMA highest lossless format
Support,AAC is lossy music compression format of Apple.
iPhone, iPad,iPod are all ACC format.
Firmware upgrade

Main functions

Support, can be upgraded by TF
External memory
              Dual TF card ( Micro SD card ),
              Support 256GB (128GB×2)Max.
Data transmission
USB 2.0 high speed,. reading/writing speed about 4.5M/s.
Song playing
Support playing according to all files, folder,name of album, artist and genre
Playing mode
Random, order, single cycle and repeat all
Breakpoint Memory
Can automatically play the song when turning on
or continue to play where stop playing before rurn off
Song settings
Support delete local lyric and Custom favorites listing
support auto-turn off when sleeping,time can be decided.
Screen saver
Screen savers. Custom time of screen savers
Vision brightness
Can be adjusted
CUE support
Auto track, support CUE playing by selection
and fast forward/ fast backward of playing song
Playing display
Support lyric ,album cover and ID3 information.
Gapless playing
Volume control
120 levels digital volume control mode
Gain selection
Low gain/high gain available to adapt to different sensitivity headphones and earplugs.
Output protection
When exceeding maximum voltage and current, relay will switch to protect the headphones
Volume settings
Custom VOL
Hearing protection
Custom max. volume to avoid damaging hearing
10 left~10right
Switching noise
No switching noise with relay pattern
Headphone out
Automatically stop playing the song
Built-in battery
3700mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery
Charging current
When charging with PC USB, current shouldn’t be more than 500mA.
When charging with 2A USB, current shouldn’t be more than 1400mA,
charging time about 4hrs. (Highest charging current is about 750mA,
charging time is about 5hrs for the first charge.)
Playing time
It's about 12 hrs for firmware with version 1.0,after upgrading,it would be about 12-15hrs.
Firmware allocation
CPU: JZ4760, DAC chip:PCM1792, AMP chip:LMH6643x2

Package and Accessories

gift box
Size of gift box
16.6 X 13 X4.3 cm
1m special made large current Micro USB cable and charging cable
Silicone case
1pc black semi-transparent silicone case
Coaxial converting
OTG cable
Protective film
2pcs (X5 with one already when leaving factory)
Dust-proof plug                    3pcs
User manual
Repairs cards
Promotion code for HDtracks


























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